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TERRAP (a conjunction of the terms TERRitorial and APprehension) is a National Organization that was founded by Dr. Arthur B. Hardy in 1975. Dr. Hardy was a California psychiatrist who specialized in treating people with symptoms of anxiety. During that time, psychiatrists were trained to focus on discussing early childhood traumas, family dynamics and marital issues, and Dr. Hardy followed these protocols. Although his patients did find some of the connections interesting, it did not seem to relieve them of their anxiety symptoms or their phobic avoidances. As a result of his own frustration with his patients' progress, Dr. Hardy decided to put together a program that incorporated education, relaxation training, cognitive behavioral therapy and exposure therapy, and put his research in a manual that was easy to read, understand and implement. Over time, Dr. Hardy found that by providing his patients with specific techniques and gradual exposures, they were soon relieved of their anxiety symptoms.

As a result of this success in the field, Dr. Hardy founded The Phobia Society, which is now the Anxiety Disorders of America Association, where he is considered one of the pioneers in phobia treatment. Today, Dr. Hardy's 18 week COPYRIGHTED manual is re-written and improved with the most updated and effective information.

"What if by the end of treatment you find yourself going places and doing things simply based on what you want or prefer to do and what is in your best interests?"

-Dr. Herskowitz
Clinical Psychologist and leading expert in anxiety disorders.
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