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Dr. Rosemary Devine
Dr. Rosemary (Devine) Taveras

Dr. Rosemary Devine received her doctorate in psychology from St. John’s University. Her training experiences included work in Harlem Hospital Child Psychiatry and Commack School District. Dr. Devine has experience with children and adolescents presenting with a variety of mental health needs including anxiety disorders, OCD, ADHD, ASD, ODD, mood dysregulation disorders, and adjustment disorders related to divorce or other family changes. Utilizing a cognitive behavior approach, Dr. Devine helps her clients develop skills to improve functioning and increase independence. Dr. Devine provides comprehensive treatment by connecting intervention efforts with parents, school staff, and other care providers. Her positive, empathetic, and energetic demeanor creates a warm and friendly atmosphere for children to feel comfortable as they process their emotions. Dr. Devine believes that treatment should focus on overall wellbeing and she will often incorporate mindfulness and other healthy practices in her work. In addition to working at TERRAP, Dr. Devine is a certified school psychologist working in William Floyd School District. There she has developed a specialized alternative program for students with severe social, emotional, and behavioral difficulties. Dr. Devine also serves as the Committee for Special Education Chairperson and possesses expertise in education law and special education regulations.