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Bernadette Francos
Bernadette Francos, LCSW

Bernadette Francos is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who began her affiliation with TERRAP in 1986. At that time she was suffering from debilitating panic attacks which began at the age of 14. After going through the 18 week program with TERRAP, she became a paraprofessional group assistant in addition to providing home visits to housebound agoraphobics. After her own recovery from panic disorder she went back to school and graduated from the Adelphi School of Social Work. As well as treating hundreds of clients, Ms. Francos has been the Clinical Coordinator for the TERRAP program since 1990. She has extensive experience in treating the full range of anxiety disorders in both individual and group settings. In addition to her expertise in anxiety disorders, Ms. Francos has a special interest in a variety of women's issues including mood and hormonal disorders and relationship issues. Ms. Francos also works with the family members of her clients to provide them with the education and techniques to best help and support their loved ones on their road to recovery. She has found that positive involvement of family members can expedite her clients recovery. She has appeared on television specials as both a suffer of panic disorder, as well as an acknowledged professional who successfully treats the entire spectrum of anxiety disorders. She has also appeared in Newsday articles featuring anxiety disorders. Ms. Francos maintains an office in Huntington as well as Stonybrook. If you would like to speak to Ms. Francos to hear more about her own journey from panic disorder, or to take the first step in your own recovery please call her at the main office.