Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety is the #1 problem that leads people to seek mental health services. It has surpassed depression and substance abuse, although these conditions may accompany anxiety problems. Many people who experience anxiety visit their family doctor with an entire array of symptoms.

Everyone experiences anxiety or nervousness from one time to another depending on the situation they are facing at that time. People who suffer from chronic anxiety, or phobia sufferers, typically have an overreaction to certain circumstances causing avoidance, dependency, depression, insecurity or are compulsive or excessive in their thinking patterns and behaviors.

Anxiety has many symptoms. Common physical symptoms include: excessive sweating, heart palpitations, muscle aches and pains, wobbly legs, numbness and tingling, internal vigilance, racing thoughts, sleep and appetite disturbance, difficulty swallowing, feelings of breathlessness, tightness in the chest or neck area, gastrointestinal upsets, ringing in ears and general uneasiness. Emotional symptoms include the fear of losing control, "going crazy," making a scene in front of people, or feeling like you are going to die which can manifest into a full panic attack where the mind is signaling to the person to run away from the danger towards a safe place. This is often referred to as the "fight or flight" reaction to panic.

Many times, a patient will initially go to their family doctor because of the physical symptoms associated with anxiety believing that there is something physically wrong with them. Once a physical cause is ruled out, psychological help is usually recommended. TERRAP will educate you about the condition you have and what YOU can do about it. The program encompasses an integration of the best approaches to allow you to have the full and unrestricted life you deserve.

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